Heartful Space Team

The founders of Heartful Space: Kelly Seiders, Annabelle Smith and Tonja Kaminen are highly qualified, skilled and experienced teachers who are keen to share their professional skills and interests with children and adults of all nationalities as well as build a multicultural and heartful community.

Our Vision

Heartful Space is a multicultural community at a central location of Basel. For children, we are providing high quality, fun activities in small groups on a weekly basis. During the Basel school holidays, we are organising holiday camps for children.

For adults, our community centre offers weekly classes and workshops with qualified and experienced leaders.

Join the Heartful Space!

If you are looking for a friendly community centre to offer your weekly (or one off) activity/workshop for children or for the adults, join the Heartful Space! Our rental prices are very attractive and we still have few time slots available. Call directly to: Tonja Kaminen 076 737 38 89