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Saturday forest walks continues in August

Join our fun and adventurous forest walks this Autumn. Once a month we will make a 4 hour walk to one of the forest areas in Basel region. Allschwil Forest will be our destination for the first 2 excursions this Autumn.

In the forest, we will hike through the beautiful forest, learn important facts about the forest, play games and cook our lunch in the open fire.

These excursions are suitable for children from 5 years up. Younger children can join with a parent/guardian.

If you have any questions, please contact the course leader Tonja Kaminen: 076 737 38 89

Please note, that signing up to the trips is possible up till 24h prior to each excursion.

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This club is suitable for all children from 5 to 10  years of age (older children are warmly welcome) who love the outdoors.  In the two and half hours we enjoy a walk through the woods with mindful observations about the nature through the four seasons. We will cook a forest snack by the open fire and learn important age appropriate skills through various practical tasks such as making fire, building dens, cooking food by the open fire etc. Each time we will have a planned activity linked to a seasonal theme and most importantly, have lots of fun exploring and playing in the woods. Our Saturdays will be based in the Lange Erlen forest area and Allschwil forest area. Our forest excursions will take place regardless of the weather. Children should be always wearing weather appropriate clothing.