Heartful Space

Educational and Community Centre

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 Heartful Space is a private community and educational centre run by a group of qualified teachers, offering high quality after school and weekend activities where children can learn new skills in small groups and make new friends. The centre is just steps away from 3 schools (Erlenmatt , SIS and Blasiring) and  therefore we offer 16:00 pick up for all of our weekday courses from SIS and Erlenmatt School. Courses end 17:45 and children can be collected directly from our Heartful Space centre just across the main road from Musical Theatre (Oetlingerstrasse 192). Our activities are open to children from any school.

In the evenings Heartful Space offers courses and workshops for adults.


Fasnacht Holiday camp! Mon-Fri (04-08.2019) 8:30-16:00

New children's courses out for 3rd term January to April. If you’ve missed the start don’t worry. Email us and we can give you a reduced rate for the classes you have missed.

Adult courses and workshops cooking and baking workshops available in the evenings

Tutoring now available